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Tuesday Trivia

Each Tuesday morning at around 7:15 we will announce a trivia question. You can call in and try to guess the correct answer. The winner will receive a prize package from Joy! 102.5. If there is no winner that day, then we will carry over the question to the next day.

Remember to listen around 7:15 in the morning and call: 410-543-9652 or 1-877-569-9652. You can always check here for the question and most importantly – the answer!

October 22, 2013
Question: Each day Americans throw away 426,000 of these...What is it?
Answer: Cell phones.

October 8, 2013
Question: Over 80,000 injuries are credited to this each year?
Answer: Falling or tripping over a pet.

September 10, 2013
Question: People would rather for one week give up their Smart phone before they would be willing to give up this. What?
Answer: Cheese.

September 3, 2013
Question: This happens about 200,000 times a second...what?
Answer: Text messages are sent.

August 27, 2013
Question: If you're going to a wedding soon, and are stumped for a gift, a new survey says this is what brides and grooms want most?
Answer: An electric knife.

August 20, 2013
Question: 6% of people who have this want to get rid fo it?
Answer: A tattoo.

August 13, 2013
Question: Sales of this snack food increases by 65% in the Summertime - what?
Answer: Cracker jacks.

August 6, 2013
Question: This has become so popular that it has earned a place on the list of most shoplifted items?
Answer: Tide detergent.

July 30, 2013
Question: 60% of us have one of these in our car?
Answer: A cassette player.

July 23, 2013
Question: This is responsible for at least 2,500 trips to the emergency room each year?
Answer: Cell phones.

July 16, 2013
Question: The average one of these weighs 7 pounds?
Answer: A woman's purse.

July 9, 2013
Question: Approximately 3 jars of this is sold every second?
Answer: Peanut Butter.

July 2, 2013
Question: According to a recent survey, we use one of these about 94 times per year?
Answer: An ATM.